Looking For Really Free Hosting For Website?

Finding free hosting for website is no brainer.

There are hundreds of such services of available on the net which will host your site for free. But most of them are not free in the real sense of the word.

Instead of money they ask for something else from you.

* You may have to put their ads or banners on your site.
* You may not have the full control panel to manage your site.
* You may not be able use some scrips on your site.

These limitations act as a subtle incentive for you to go for the paid service of the web host when your site picks up and you need more control over your website. All this is understandable and fair too because web hosts can't give away their services for all the time without getting anything in return.

But what if there was a free web hosting service which puts no limitations on you at all?

It may sound incredible but there really is a service which provides you all this:

* 250 MB of Disk Space
* 100 GB Bandwidth!
* Full Domain Hosting
* cPanel Powered Hosting
* Host unlimited domains!
* Over 500 website templates
* Free POP3 Email Box
* Enjoy unrestricted POP3 email
* Full Webmail access
* FTP and Web based File Manager access
* PHP, MySQL, Perl, CGI, Ruby.

Add to this the assurance of full support and service availability up to 2012 and the picture is complete.

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