Make $150 A Month Without Doing Almost Anything - Legally

Do you know you can make easy money from your websites?.

So have you got a website? Then what if I told you that your website could make you money without you doing almost anything - and that too in a perfectly legal way?


Then here is how to do that.

Join this site as a publisher and you will get £3 per month for displaying a banner for one month on your site. You can display up to 5 banners on one site so that's £15 for one month per site. But you can extend your earnings by displaying these banners on up to five of your sites. In that way it all comes to £75 per month - not a bad amount for doing next to nothing.

In dollar terms this comes to about $150. But there is more. You get a one-time signup bonus of £5 and that adds $10 to your kitty.

Tips and Tricks

The trick to succeeding with this program is to get your sites approved by the program. This means that your site pages should be such as would be attractive to the advertisers who would be interested in purchasing advertising space on your sites.

For this you have to submit 5 different pages of your site which the program matches with the ads that they get from the advertisers. Make sure that you are submitting the most popular pages. That is those pages which get most traffic. This will increase your chances of approval and easy income.

Another tip is pretty obvious. Have at least 5 sites. Start making sites if you don't already have them.

Click here to look at the site and join.

A Simple Strategy to Make Money Online

Here is a simple strategy to make money online.
Let me tell you from the very first that this is not my strategy but it is from my new-found friend Caroline who runs a very informative blog

Visit her blog and you will find that she is a successful internet entrepreneur and her blog records her journey to the path of success in internet marketing.

Caroline's Strategy

Her strategy is simple: Build WP niche-sites that pull profit.

Now building a Word Press blog is not rocket science. Anybody can do that without much problem. But what is different about this ebook is that it shows you how you can develop a site by using Word Press blog platform.

In other words, you are here shown how to make static sites instead of usual blogs. The advantage of this strategy is that you can quickly make a large number of sites with 5 to 10 pages and monetize them with Adsense or other affiliate links - no worry about putting up html coded pages. Or posting new content as you would have to do with a blog.

And what would this ebook cost you?
An internet "guru" would charge you a lot for giving this information but Caroline gives it free.

And it is not like other free ebooks that are stuffed with fluff. Here is real meat. Go get it here

Make Money By Free Calls

Here is a little off-beat way to make money on the net.
Well this method is not about making money directly but saving it and that is also earning. Because what you save is money in your pocket.

I found this site accidentally and am passing it on to you for what is worth. So here are the details without much ado.

Making Money From Free Calls

If you make lots of phones overseas then you know you have to pay hefty sums for your calls. Even VoIP calls which are lots cheaper do cost money if you are calling a landline phone from your computer or use some such voip provider as Skype. But here is a site which lets you make phones to landline phones from your computer desktop for free for 30 minutes everyday.

No, not all the countries of the world are included but most important ones are and the list of allowed countries is pretty long.

Here is how it works:

Just click here to go to the site.
Then download and install the phone dialer software software on your pc.

Create a username and activate your account by verifying your email address.

Now you are ready to make calls to landline phone lines to a large selection of countries around the world.

It is as simple as that. Just give it a try and you will save money on your calls. What you save is what you earn.

How To Find Freelance Work

Do you know why freelance work is so popular?

You may have heard that people make lots of money from freelance work. That they enjoy freedom to work when they like what they like. In a way that's true. Working freelance has advantages which other work for pay options lack.

Advantage of Freelancing Over Part-time Jobs
Working part time jobs is a way to make money in your spare time. But when you do a part time job, you have to be at the work place when your boss wants and not when you want to. This is not the case with freelance work. You can do the job at odd free moments that you can spare from your other activities.

In that way freelancing scores over part time jobs. And for some people freelance way of work may be the only option to make some extra money. For example, a new mom has necessarily to remain home to look after her kids. Then those who have to care for their aged parents or relatives also can't accept a regular or part time jobs. For them freelance work is an opportunity to use their time productively.

Where To Find Freelance Work?
Because of such obvious advantages freelance work has become very popular but the problem that a would-be freelance faces is where to find freelance work. Now make a search on Google or any other search engine and you will find scores of sites with freelance work offers. Now it is for you to find a site that you can rely upon and which wouldn't cost you a small fortune to join and look at its databases of freelance work offers available.

So How Do You Find A Site That Is Reliable?
I cannot tell you that this and this only is the most reliable and offers you genuine jobs. This is something that you find out by looking at various sites and maybe joining one or two and find out if you have hit upon a winner or have been burned.

However one way to find a good site is to go for a site such as GoFreelance which gives you an opportunity to try its services at a very reasonable and affordable rate and which has different sorts of jobs available so you can choose the work suited to your skills and aptitudes.

Now let me make this clear. GoFreelance is only an example. I won't tell you that this is the only site you should look at. There are many other such sites available and you should look at them before making any decision. Look at the advantages they offer. See what kind of jobs are available with them and what is their track record. Above all do consider what they would charge you for their services. Don't pay through the nose to find freelance jobs!

Get Rewarded For What You Enjoy Doing

Looking for one more easy and rewarding program to make money on the net?

What if there was a way to earn money the way you like to do? The way which you would enjoy - not something which you found boring or like a task? Wouldn't you earn more with such an opportunity? Naturally you would.

But does such a program really exist?

Though this may sound like hype, there truly is such a method to make money on the internet.

What is more, it is perfectly safe and free to boot. But that is not all. You get money just for joining!

Here are some of the strong reasons why this program should appeal to you:

  • $5.00 Sign-Up BONUS!
  • Low $20.00 Payout!
  • $5.00 for active REFERRAL!
  • SO MANY offers to complete!
  • Payments via PayPal and by checks
This is not all by any means. This program offers you an incentive to earn more. Just make $500 and select one of six GUARANTEED PRIZES as a reward for your work!