Open Season On Ken Evoy Extended to July 6

On June 12 I told you about a crazy offer from Ken Evoy.

I showed how to take advantage of a loophole in that offer and fleece Ken Evoy more than he realized when he came up with that madcap offer by becoming a 5Pillar affiliate. (Here is at that post if you haven't already looked at it.)

If you haven't still taken action on that offer the time to do is right now - this madness was to end on June 21. But now it has been extended to July 6.

Shoot before the open season on Ken Evoy is over.

A Loophole To Get A Free Domain Name

I told you How To Steal More From Ken Evoy how you can get Site Build It, the complete site-building system, at a deep discount of because of a crazy offer ending June 21, 2008.

Since then I discovered a loophole in Site Build It with which you can a free domain name.

Here is how this works:

After you have bought Site Build It, you will be able to choose a domain name for your site. As this domain name comes with the price of the Site Build It, you don't have to pay anything for it.

Now Site Build It comes with a money-back guarantee of full refund for the first 30 days of purchase and pro-rata
refund anytime after that. So if you find that the Site Build It is not for you, you can ask for a refund without giving up the domain name.

I don't tell you to use this strategy if you are looking for a free domain name only.

However if you are thinking of making a site that pays and try the Site Build It then this is a loophole to keep in mind.

The Best Strategy:

The best strategy would be: try Site Build It risk-free. If you find that this really works, stick with it and go on to make a website. On the other hand if you somehow find that it is not for you, then just get a refund for it and you get to keep the domain name free and clear.

This free domain name strategy works whether you buy Site Build It during the deep discount offer or any time after that but if you go for it now you get two websites as well as two domain names.

How To Steal More From Ken Evoy

So who is Ken Evoy? And why to even think of stealing from him?

If you don't already know, Ken Evoy is the person who developed a system or process for making websites called SBI (SiteBuildIt). Now you know there are programs and programs on the internet for making websites. However what makes SBI stand out from other such programs is that it gives results.

And these results are there for you to see. Here are a very large number of people who have succeeded in creating websites that really work. Websites that make money. And most such people had little or no internet knowledge to begin with. Only thing that these people had was the willingness to work - the SBI did the rest.

Now won't you agree that such a system should be considered cheap at any price?

But SBI is not cheap.

It is a steal.

It costs only $299 for features that would make you poorer by $5,095 if you got them from different sources.

Now what if even $299 seems a little too high for you?

What if you wanted to steal even more from Ken?

Then here is good news...

Ken Evoy has come up with a rip off offer.

It is beyond me why Ken has come up with such an offer when he is
already offering SBI at a rock bottom price.

Maybe it is the summer madness. Who knows, but the fact is that:

You can get two SBIs for an exta $100 for a few days - up to June 21, 2008 (midnight).

This means you can get 2 SBI subscriptions for less than $400 - a whopping saving of $200!

Of course, you may not be able to start two websites at one time -- very few people can. But there also you have a solution. You need not activate the second subscription for 9 months. Start with a site and when it has started running you can go for the other site.

Or better still share the cost with a friend or a relative who wants to make a website. You save $100. Your friend saves $100.

Isn't that a deal?

But act fast. June 21 is fast approaching.


Want to fleece Ken Evoy even more?

Then here is an insider tip to take him straight to the cleaners:

  • Join the 5Pillar Affiliate program to promote SBI and other SiteSell products. You can do this before or after buying a SBI subscription for yourself.

  • Sell a subscription thru your 5Pillar affiliate link. You earn an affiliate commission of 25% of the referred sale.

  • And... you also earn a special, additional 5 Pillar Rebate of 25% of the referred SBI! sale. Yes, just for earning your first 5Pillar Affiliate check.

That is 50% saving on your purchase.

You can use this strategy anytime you buy a SBI subscription but do that before June 21 and you make $100 rebate!

But June 21 isn't that far. Act now!

Home Biz Offer With A Difference

I usually shy away from writing about business offers on this blog. One of the reasons for this is that such offers usually ask you to buy a system first and then find out if it works or not.

However sometimes one does come across offers which are worth writing about and Paul's is one such offer.

Now Paul is a super affiliate and he has made lots of money from his sites.

But he doesn't just say that he offers a proof of his success in a live video.

After seeing that I probably don't need to tell you that Paul really does know how to make a ton of money online.

And his new site is pretty interesting - especially since he isn't trying to sell anything, and won't ask you for money. And he doesn't tell you that you will make money without doing anything at all. This is the main reason I am writing about this offer.

What he does do at his site is:

* Explain why he's willing to help a stranger like you

* Tell you in very clear terms exactly what he's offering

* Reveal a system you can use to make money right now

* ...and help you get started immediately

If you're sick of all the hype out there, I strongly recommend you check out Paul's site right now without risking anything at all