Is Your Website Up Right Now?

One way to make sure is to visit it now and see if it is running.
But you can't do that all of the day, can you?

At the same time as a webmaster you know that the success of your online business depends upon the accessibility of your website from all over the world for most of the time.

Now you also know that every website has some downtime now and then. That is why most webhosts promise you 99.99% uptime.

But what if your website remains unavailable longer than that?

A new visitor coming to your site and not finding it may not return ever. Even repeat visitors would be very much put off if they can't get to your webpage every now and then.

The result is loss of business and popularity of your site resulting in lost sales, affiliate commissions, adsense clicks or earnings from whatever monetization methods you use to make money.

All this means that you have to monitor the status of your website constantly and take steps to keep it running by contacting your webhost or changing to someone else who provides more reliable service.

Is there a painless way to monitor your website?

Lots of website monitoring services are available on the net but most will cost you money. Then there are some services which are free but they provide you with limited services.

FreeSiteStatus is such a service but with a difference - it gives you lots of features for free which you would have to pay for with other such services.

FreeSiteStatus, of course, has a paid service which offers many more features but you need not go for it if you don't want to. You can use its free service and be always in the know about your website uptime all of the time.

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