Free Offers - Are They For Real?

Lots of free things are offered on the internet.

Free coupons, samples, free gift cards, free phones, free lunch, free high ticket items. All these and more are offered just as giveaways. You participate in the offer and the thing is yours. No raffle or drawing of any kind. Your gift is guaranteed.

Then there are surveys which offer chances to win brand new cars, cruises, bikes, makeovers and other high-value stuff. Fill up the survey and you are entered in the draw for such items.

You naturally ask:

  • How can anybody offer such valuable things for free?

  • Is this all sham or fraud of some kind?

  • Is there some hidden cost to these seemingly free handouts?

  • Is there some catch?

While there maybe some shady deals on the net, not all such offers are fraudulent. And believe it or not, the offered things are given free to you. Free in the sense that you don't have to pay money for them. Instead you pay for these items in other way. So there is a cost to you after all.

So What Is The Cost to You?
You pay for these goodies with your time. Companies use these offers to call your attention to their products or services. The idea is that if you get to see their products or services you may be inclined to go for them when you are in need of such things. For getting your attention, they offer discount coupons, samples, free gift cards or chances to win big ticket items, the basic idea remains the same – to reach as many consumers like you and me.

Your Benefits
When you participate in such offers, your instant gain is the freebie or a winning chance, but there is yet another advantage to you. You get to know about many new products and services that may have come up on the market recently. These may be more competitive or have more benefits. And most important of all, they are free. So you don’t lose anything to do them.

How to Gain From These Offers
The best way to gain from such offers is to look at them and see what you have to do to participate. Enter as many free surveys as possible that offer you free winning chances. Also the free gift card offers and other free item offers work in pretty same way. Most of them ask you to answer a short survey and complete some offers according to their guidelines. This is their way to promote their products and services.

Your best bet is to go for those offers that don’t ask you to pay anything. And do as many as possible. Because more you participate, the more chances you have to win or get a gift of your choice.

Take Prompt Action
All such offers are time sensitive. The winning survey offers do go on for a longer period of time as they want to have as many responses as possible for a single prize, but even then there naturally has to be a cut-off date.

On the other hand, the outright giveaway offers are on for a relatively shorter time. They are limited by the number of gifts that have been allocated for that promotion. Once that many gifts have been given out, these offers come to an end.

So don’t delay in going for something that seems attractive to you.

Try Them Now
Here are some offers of various kinds:

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