Asking for your prayers - Huricane Katrina

My friend Agnes posted this appeal on a forum asking members to pray for her sister's well-being.

Asking for your prayers - Huricane KatrinaPosted: 01 Sep 2005 07:40 AM

To all members of Adlandpro -
I am asking for your prayers because I do not know the fate of my sister Sarah Mutisya who had just moved to New Orleans last month to attend Tulane University.

I am very worried about her. The last time I spoke with her was last Saturday night, then on Sunday morning she sent me a text message letting me know that they were on their way to Bogalusa and traffic was very bad. Since then I have not heard from her and I cannot get through her cell phone.


Media accounts of the ravages of Killer Katarina make a sad reading, but they necessarily lack the expression of the individual suffering of people affected by this calamity. The appeal of Agnes is an example of what countless people must be suffering because of this natural disaster.

So please join me in praying for the well-being of the sis of Agnes and all others who are suffering in this dark hour.

May God have mercy on all! Amen.