How To Get Money For Anything – Fast (A Review)

The first I heard about this book was from a friend’s email. The title:

How To Get Lots of Money For Anything – Fast
grabbed my attention but then we all receive such emails almost everyday. Perhaps I would have ignored it, hadn’t I caught the name of Joe Vitale as a co-author of the book.

Now if you have read any of Joe Vitale’s books and articles, you know that he has got that rare gift of putting across most complex ideas in a simple but elegant style. And he never writes fluff. So if Joe Vitale had anything to do with the book, it was practically guaranteed that the book would have solid information.

Technique Developed by a Scientist

As I read more I found that Stuart Lichtman, the originator of the system, was no light-weight either. A science graduate of MIT, Lichtman perfected many years back a mind-programming technique which he presents in the book.

Lichtman calls his technique Cybernetic Transposition and says that this technique helps to synchronize the four parts of the human brain to work together to achieve your goals fast and with certainty. Another thing that Cybernetic Transposition does is that it shows you how to use even a small past success in your life to build up confidence and enthusiasm for future successes. Influence of the Subconscious Mind

According to various goal-achievement programs, it is your subconscious mind that largely determines the outcome of what you try to achieve in your life. So they show you how to reach your subconscious or hidden mind and make it believe in what you are trying to attain.

One popular way to do that is to visualize that your goal is already a reality. It could be anything - losing weight, solving a problem or getting money or something else.

To give you an example, if you want money, you mentally conjure up scenes in which you see yourself having that money, feeling it in your hands, spending it or putting it into a bank. When your subconscious mind starts to accept this as a reality, a chain of events starts which leads to the achievement of your goal.

Do such methods work?
I can say from
my own experience that they do - but not always. According to Lichtman the reason for this is that there is a conflict between various parts of your brain about what you want to attain even if what you want is very much achievable.

Here is where Cybernetic Transposition comes in.
It helps you spot the conflicts and resolve them to make your goal a reality.

Track Record

As for results, Lichtman says he has tested his technique successfully on thousands of people in seminars and on one-to-one basis. He names several persons connected with prestigious business houses who have benefited by using his method. Besides these, Lichtman cites examples of lots of people who have achieved results from his system. All this sounds good but is the technique practicable?

And, most important, can you get results with it?

If the experience of so many others is any guide, it can be safely assumed that Lichtman’s system is very much practicable and anyone can benefit by working at it. But the test of the pudding is in eating it. It is for you to try it for yourself and find out if Lichtman delivers what he promises. And there is no risk in trying as

Lichtman's book comes with a money-back guarantee.