Nifty Color Tool For Web Designing

We often come across beautifully designed websites with attractive vibrant colors and wish how great it would be if I could use this color on my webpage template. But the problem is that we often don't know how to get the code of the color without having some costly software which takes ages to learn to use. So this wish just remains a wish.

However this morning I came across a nifty little color tool on which solves this problem in a jiffy. It is a color picker called AdesClrPicker.

Now what does this tool do?
This tool will sit quietly in your system tray until you feel you have found some good color which you would like to use.

Then just activate it and hover it on the web page and it will show you its code instantly.

It is easy to use also - no learning curve at all. Just now I downloaded its trial version and could use it in a few moments after reading its help section. Now the trial version is free but with a limitation that it will give you the RGB code only. But the full version which gives the codes in HTML, RGB, VB, C++ and Delphi is cheap too at the moment . You can get it at $9.90 at the discounted price. Consider this tool if you are into designing your own websites.