Make Money By Free Calls

Here is a little off-beat way to make money on the net.
Well this method is not about making money directly but saving it and that is also earning. Because what you save is money in your pocket.

I found this site accidentally and am passing it on to you for what is worth. So here are the details without much ado.

Making Money From Free Calls

If you make lots of phones overseas then you know you have to pay hefty sums for your calls. Even VoIP calls which are lots cheaper do cost money if you are calling a landline phone from your computer or use some such voip provider as Skype. But here is a site which lets you make phones to landline phones from your computer desktop for free for 30 minutes everyday.

No, not all the countries of the world are included but most important ones are and the list of allowed countries is pretty long.

Here is how it works:

Just click here to go to the site.
Then download and install the phone dialer software software on your pc.

Create a username and activate your account by verifying your email address.

Now you are ready to make calls to landline phone lines to a large selection of countries around the world.

It is as simple as that. Just give it a try and you will save money on your calls. What you save is what you earn.