Make $150 A Month Without Doing Almost Anything - Legally

Do you know you can make easy money from your websites?.

So have you got a website? Then what if I told you that your website could make you money without you doing almost anything - and that too in a perfectly legal way?


Then here is how to do that.

Join this site as a publisher and you will get £3 per month for displaying a banner for one month on your site. You can display up to 5 banners on one site so that's £15 for one month per site. But you can extend your earnings by displaying these banners on up to five of your sites. In that way it all comes to £75 per month - not a bad amount for doing next to nothing.

In dollar terms this comes to about $150. But there is more. You get a one-time signup bonus of £5 and that adds $10 to your kitty.

Tips and Tricks

The trick to succeeding with this program is to get your sites approved by the program. This means that your site pages should be such as would be attractive to the advertisers who would be interested in purchasing advertising space on your sites.

For this you have to submit 5 different pages of your site which the program matches with the ads that they get from the advertisers. Make sure that you are submitting the most popular pages. That is those pages which get most traffic. This will increase your chances of approval and easy income.

Another tip is pretty obvious. Have at least 5 sites. Start making sites if you don't already have them.

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