What Is In A Domain Name?

Ever wonder what a domain name could mean to you?

Believe it not but a domain name can make millions. For example, if you had registered pizza.com it would have made you $2.6 million according to a recent BBC newstory. (Opens in a new window.)

While everybody can't hope to be that lucky, this story proves that domains are Virtual Real Estate (VRE) and they can prove to be highly profitable.
Domain names are like real state properties which you can buy and then sell later for profit.

Investing in this real estate is not costly either. You can get a domain name for less than $10 and this investment can get you returns many times what you paid for.

According to industry research, the domain name industry is currently worth $2 billion, and it will grow to over $4 billion by the year 2010! That's pretty amazing, isn't it?, Each and every day people are buying cheap domain names and making money with them in no time at all. And it'simple once you know the secrets.

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